Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Over One Roadblock, Onto the Next

Ok, well, I called the insurance company and it turns out that they're being punks just because they want to be. Seriously. I'm not kidding! I spoke to someone, we'll call her Luisa, and she said that they were investigating me for pre existing conditions. I said, well, I thought that if I had insurance up until I got this new plan, that the pre existing clause didn't count. She agreed. I said, so what's the problem, since I did have insurance. Luisa informed me that they just wanted to investigate it and it could take months. I asked her what they needed. All they want is a letter saying that I was insured by Medi-Cal before I got this new plan. I said, why would it take months to ask for a damn letter? I'll get the damn letter for you. So, then, she gives me a mailing address. I said, wouldn't it be faster if they could just fax the letter to you? Of course it would be faster! It's like she'd never heard of technology. And even then, it was like pulling teeth to get a fax number. She said that the case worker would have to call this one phone number and then they'd direct her to a person who would give her a fax number. I said, what is this? Are you guy's the CIA or something? Why does she have to call a bunch of numbers, wait on line, get transfered around to get a fax number? Just give me the damn number now and I'll get you the damn letter! Why is that so difficult? This isn't cloak and dagger. It's just a fucking letter! What a bunch of bullshit.

So, to conclude this annoyingly frustrating story, after they get the letter and update their information they'll pay on our claims and everyone will be happy. I also asked her why they didn't let us know that that's what they needed months ago when they started getting the claims? You know what Luisa said? Because they wanted to investigate it. What kind of nonsense is that? It's mindboggling. This is why our rates are high. It's not because people are sick. It's because they have all these incompetents spending time on stuff that could take a 20 minute phone call at the most to get the information. So, the lesson here is, don't go around to the back door, when the front door is wide open.

My husband's heart calmed down after I told him how easy (knock on wood) that this will be, so I think he won't need a quadruple bipass too soon. We may be able to put the heart attack off for a little while longer. Ugh!


At 10:09 PM, Blogger Kerrie said...

How incredibly frustrating! Great job getting to the bottom of it. :)


At 7:29 AM, Blogger khhhch said...

Good job pestering them and hanging on like a junkyard dog! They just hope you'll give up in frustration like most people do, then they win. So many people can't navigate the bureaucracy and paperwork, so when they get frustrated, they abdicate and fold.

I'm handling all my father's medical paperwork with Medicare and his private insurance for that reason. He has no idea what to pay.

So sorry to hear about your bankruptcy and additional debts--you're not alone, as I'm sure you know. Let your congressional rep know about it. For that matter, if the insurance company doesn't resolve the "investigation" quickly enough, contact the state insurance commissioner, atty general, etc. Why go quietly into the night, when you can go screaming....?

At 9:43 PM, Blogger bearmanUSMC said...

Hey Sweety.
Bro bear here, I will visit often, and say Hi! If I have no words to express, please know that I am praying for you and I love you(always have-always will)! Also keep me in your prayers, dehabilitating diseases come in many manifestations, physical, mental, spiritual, financial. But thru Christ in me the hope of glory, we will overcome.

On another note, don't worry about me & four letter words. You should see me when I'm blogging about politics. Passion is not wrong, we just need to learn to control it. As we get older and wiser, can you believe we are getting old sis. Bye for now, love you dearly & looking forward to christmas with you, Stu & Liv. Bear

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