Monday, October 10, 2005

When Will I Learn?

Ok, I'm starting to see a pattern emerging in my dream life. Last night I dreamed about this scene in Boston Legal (American TV Show) from a couple of weeks ago. The scene showed Betty White's character wacking another character over the head several times with a large iron griddle! lol It was pretty funny scene, though it sounds awful when I write it down. Well, you've probably already guess what I'm going to say next, because you're so smart. I woke up this morning with a wopping migraine, level 6. I just took some drugs (dilaudid) which should kick in pretty soon, now.

So, let's see: I dreamed about coconuts being cracked on the cement--woke up with a migraine; Elephants stampeding over my head and crushing my skull--woke up with migraine; and now someone cracking someone else over the head with an iron fry pan--woke up with migraine. Do you see a pattern here, because I am actually feeling the pattern.


At 5:10 PM, Blogger Rob said...

Jessica-- isn't that the worst? Nothing like dreaming you have a whopper, just to wake up with one.

I'm sitting here with my fourth migraine in two days-- this after about a month and a half of relief. I'm starting to wish I had a rescue med (like Dilaudid) available to me.

Here's wishing you as many pain-free days as possible.

My migraine blog

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