Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Equal to the Task

I hope you don't mind if I interpret and paraphrase the following scriptures from the Bible:

Phillipians 4.11-13, "...I have learned in every situation to be content, for I have learned the secret to contentedness. It is knowing that I am equal to the task (or trial) that I'm in through the empowerment of Jesus Christ, being self-sufficient and satisfied through Him."

I have never really considered myself equal to the task of being ill and dealing with it. It's definately an area in which I fall far short. Yet, if I am to believe in one scripture of the bible, then I must believe that all scriptures are there for my comfort, improvement and example. Therefore, logically, I have to believe that I am equal to this task. Yet, at this time, I am not. Perhaps one day, I will be.

However, I do think I've made the first step toward contentedness in that I have learned to accept my circumstances. I know that this illness may never go away, and I've accepted that. I know that there's no cure or magic pill to take away the pain, and I've accepted that. I know that often I have to accept the help of others, and I've accepted that. I've accepted all of this, because if I didn't I would go insane.

Life does not give us the right to happiness. We are not entitled to it. My age group is the generation of Entitlement. We expect to "have it all", and if we can't get it ourselves, then we expect the government to give it to us. We demand that they make us happy. It's a juvenile attitude and so is our behavior, nevertheless it's reality and a sad comment on our character.

Even our constitution, written in the wisdom of our forefathers, does not promise us happiness. Rather the constitution tells us that we have the "right to pursue happiness". It's something that we have to work hard for, strive for, look for and find on our own merits. There's no guarantee that we'll actually find it.

I have a feeling that if we can find satisfaction of whatever circumstance we're in in life, we will probably have another key to peace. And I think that acceptance may be the first step on the road toward finding contentment. There are alot of dips and valleys and scary shadowy places to pass through on the way and alot of times, I trip and fall, but as long as I continue to seek it and pursue after this goal, I am being proactive and I can find contentment in that.


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