Friday, March 31, 2006

I got THE Call

No, it wasn't at church. C'mon, guys! You know, I haven't been to church in like 3 years, except for 2 special occasions which I paid dearly for. No, I'm talking about THE Call, the one I've been waiting for for months now, and that y'all keep bugging me to fing out about.

My surgery has been scheduled for April 10th. Now, the news gets even better. Our tax return is going to be pretty good this year, so it'll pay for my surgery. I'm hoping it'll even pay for all three of them. Anyway, I'm stoked, or at least, yeah, ok, I am, I'm stoked. This will probably just be the first two surgeries that I need. The third one, I think has to be done in the hospital at Davis or something. That's the one that'll do the most good, where they put the electric buzzer in my brain and it rattles all the messages and mixes everything up. Just the news I need.

Now, I'll probably stop thinking about that other thing that's bothering me, becuase this will give me two weeks to rev up the anxiety about getting the surg done and I'll start obsessing about this instead. That could be a very good thing. It helps to repress if you have something else to replace the fear/anxiety/ptsd flashbacks or what have you with something, anything else. This is big enough it might just work. Unhealthy, you say? So. If it works, what the hell do I care how healthy it is or not? Couldn't be worse than what I'm going through right now, eh?

Alright, so, pencil it in. April 10 is the big day, 9:45 am. Pray, think nice thoughts, light a candle and insense or eat some chocolate or do whatever it is you do to get your particular higher power/god/goddesses' attention on that day at that time. You guys rock. Thanks. Don't know how I'd get by without your encouraging words. Seriously.

Ok, I'm going to go back to being quiet again. Back when I get over my funk. Might be sooner than expected with this news, eh? :)

Oh, btw, the book is coming along. I have the plot outlined, and I'm working on the research and writing the prologue. I wrote the first chapter, too, but didn't like it, so I'm going to rewrite it, again. lol


At 11:21 PM, Blogger Colin said...

That's great! I'll be thinking of you on the 10th.

At 11:43 PM, Anonymous Eleanor said...

I'm not sure when the right time will be down here in NZ, but I'll send positive thoughts your way for a couple of days just to be sure.

At 5:33 PM, Blogger Angel said...

(((((Big hugs))))) I'm definitely sending loads of good thoughts for you!!!

At 5:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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