Wednesday, February 15, 2006

That's It! -OT Lost

I'm leaving my husband...

...for Sayid, from Lost! lmao! He is so hot! I know he tortures people. So what? He is so freakin' adorable. And did you see those pecks tonight? I think my head's starting to feel better. lol jk I know this has nothing to do with migraines, but this has to do with me and it's my blog, so if I wanna go off-topic I can. (for pictures, click on topic title)

Now, let's try to imagine life with Sayid. Hm. Ok, so, he comes home from work and I'd give him a tiny peck on his lips and say, "Shower off and don't drip blood on the carpets, darling!"

After his shower, he'd come and give me a passionate smooch, holding me in thos muscular, gorgeous brown arms and say, "Were the kids good today?"

And, I'd have to stop and think about how I'm going to answer that. I could tell the truth about how Sayid, jr. decided to disect a frog in his bedroom, using my special tweezers and other cosmetic accssories; or I could tell him how little Abn wanted to play war and "borrowed" daddy's gloc. Hmmm. Course, if I do that, then Sayid, jr. might lose a fingernail or two and Abn might be strung up from the rafters by his thumbs.

So, I lie and say, "They're perfect little angels, darling." Then, I set the table with foods: Tabâ hajah, Lentils, Andalusian Chicken and rice. Yummy! And dinner conversation would go something like this:

"So how was work today, honey?"

"Not so good, I started crying while I was torturing this guy. I lost all credibility with him. It was horrible!"

"Aww, I'm so sorry. Would you like another scoop of lentils?"

Hmm. Might have to work on this fantasy a little. lol I"m sorta rusty. Haven't fantasized about anything in awhile. lol

Next, I have to think of a good time to tell Hubby and how to break the news to him. Hmmm. Any suggestions?


At 8:35 PM, Blogger Angel said...

Send your hubby on a plane numbered 815? ;)

LOOOOOOOVE Lost, and Sayid is hot (though I was on the Sawyer bandwagon until he squashed that frog! BAD SAWYER!).

At 10:27 PM, Blogger Jessica said...

LOL! Yeah, Sawyer's the kind of guy I went for, before I met my dh. They're adorable, sexy and fun, but sooo baaad. lol Sayid, though. Yum He's what dreams are made of. The accent. The beautiful skin color. I even think his nose is very regal looking. MOst girls think it's big, but you know what they say about noses and feet. *wink* Size is everything. lol And, whenever I see his hair, I just want to run my fingers through all those pretty curls. Yowza. Ok, time for a shower. lol Thanks for responding, Angel. You put a smile on my face today. Jess

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