Friday, January 13, 2006

Plan B

I am one of those rare people who actually does make and keep their new year's resolutions. Quaint, I know, but I've always been a goal-oriented person, so it actually fits very nicely within my A-type-overachiever-personality-bordering-on-neurotic.

The key to keeping your resolutions, I've found, is to make them reasonable and attainable. Once you do that, then you'll have that sense of purpose throughout the year and a sense of pride as you complete each goal, which makes you want to do it again the next year. Another key is to reward yourself for attaining your goal. The final key is to set a deadline for each goal.

Over the past year, I've constantly blogged about finding a way, or ways to accept my disease. But, I didn't want to only accept it, but learn to embrace it, which is even more difficult. As a matter of fact, that's why I started this blog was to figure out how to embrace the enemy. Looking back over my posts and reflecting on my life in the past year, I feel that I have finally come to the point of accepting that my situation likely will not ever change.

I know that some of you are sitting there thinking, "So you're just going to give up?", " That's it?", "Why are you being so negative?" and other such thoughts are going through your mind. This couldn't be further from the truth. I have to face reality, though. I'm not being negative or giving up all hope of finding an effective treatment. I'm simply living in the present. Sure, things could change in the future and I could inherit millions from a rich aunt whom I've never met, before; or I could be miraculously and spontaneously healed. (Wouldn't that be lovely? lol ) The cold, harsh reality, though, is that that most likely will not ever happen to me. If I keep living in the past or in the future, my today will never happen.

So, I think that one of the steps toward being able to embrace this disease is to make a plan B. My own contingency plan, only , instead of starting it with "If *blank* should happen, then this is what I will do...", I will start it out with, "This is where I'm at right now, so this is what I can do according to my present reality..."

I thought I'd enlist your help. I need to make a short list of about 5 goals that I can reasonably accomplish this year. What would you suggest for my goals? What can I do this year, considering what my current lifestyle (well, you should probably take the "style" out of that, since I really have no style right now, lol), can support and enable me to do? Please, post your ideas here. Post as much as you like and as often as you like. I've been drawing a blank about what I am able to do, but you'd be more objective and would be able to come up with things that I'd probably never even think about. Here is a category suggestion, but I don't want you to limit your opinions to just this, ok? Find a simple, legal way to make money from my desktop at home.

Thanks for your help, everyone. I appreciate it. Once I decide what would work, I'll publish the results and will also publish the suggestions. That'll be fun.


At 7:46 PM, Anonymous riley said...

One goal might be to read certain important books.

At 1:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Buchholz Healing your headache is a great book

At 9:10 PM, Blogger dn said...

Various crafts are cheap, can be worked on for a few minutes at a time, and don't take a lot of concentration: ceramics, embroidery, stained glass, and so forth. The crafts section of a public library is sure to have some ideas.


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