Saturday, August 27, 2005

Dopey Nightmare

Ok, I did go in for narcotic shots the other day. They worked really well and I was out of pain within two minutes like usual--thank goodness. Now comes the nightmare.

So, I go home and sleep for a few hours, right? Well, I guess the nightmare began when my daughter came home with homework. She needed help on it. I could hardly see straight and putting a couple of sentences, that made sense, together was virtually impossible! So, here I am, looking at her homework and the letters are jumping around all over the page. I finally had to have her read it to me. And then, she had to read each sentence about 3 times to me until I understood it well enough to explain it to her. Then, of course, she needed to do some research for her essay. So, I had to try to show her how to do that on the pc. Keep in mind that I can't see straight. By this point, I was thoroughly frustrated, and she was too, because she didn't know how to do it. It was all I could do to keep that frustration in check and not let it boil over into temper. It took two hours, but we finally did finish her homework! Then, of course, I had to supervise her dinner, otherwise, if it was up to her, she'd just eat a corndog and ice-cream and call that a meal. (Go ahead, you can laugh at that part. Kids!) Finally, I fall asleep on the couch until my hubby comes home. Of course, my daughter hadn't gone to bed on time and that was my fault for not keeping up with her. (My hubby didn't blame me for that. He just asked about it.) So, that was nightmare numero uno, but it gets worse.

Yesterday, when all I wanted to do was sleep, I was woken up with a phone call from my panicky husband telling me that our daughter had been dropped from her insurance and her medicine which she needs is really expensive, blah, blah, blah. To make a long story short, I was the designated hitter to deal with it. So, I made the necessary phone calls and did the obligatory waiting on hold, then being passed around to three different departments only to find out that they'd lost all the paperwork we'd sent in. I was really pissed off, by this point. But, still, you can't get pissed off at the only person who could help you out, right? So, I just told her that she needed to look around for it again, since we'd turned it in by hand. So, I have to stay awake until she calls back, right? An hour later she called back to say that they'd found it on the receptionist's desk. It's really inexcusable, since we dropped that off at the beginning of July!

Meanwhile, I have to call our bankruptcy attorneys to find out how much else we owe and of course have to go through the same thing with calling three different phone numbers to get hold of the right department, then being put on hold only to be told that they'd have to get back to me. So, I have to stay awake for 2 hours to receive a call back on that. By this point, I'm thoroughly stressed out and pissed off, because of not only the situations, but also the frustration of how hard it was to concentrate. I felt like I was asking everyone to repeat stuff at least twice. By then, I was irate and couldn't get back to sleep for another hour. This left me with one hour before my daughter would come home from school and need help with her homework again. I was so exhausted! And I still am.

So, how am I doing today? Well, I have a stiff neck, my butt hurts from the shots, my tailbone is really sore for some weird reason, and my migraine is already coming back. Usually, I get to have at least three pain free days after I get a narcotics cocktail. Not this time. The pain started returning yesterday, off and on. *sigh* Just can't catch a break sometimes, you know?


At 12:55 AM, Blogger Moogle said...


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At 1:27 PM, Blogger cascadia said...


I just wanted to leave a real post for you. I 'hear' you and I can relate. Totally.

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