Friday, August 05, 2005

Dependency vs. Addiction

I thought I'd post this, because it explains the difference between chemical dependency and chemical addiction. It's an excellent explanation and I think it will bring peace to more people. When you have the truth in you about yourself, the truth will always liberate you. It gives you the impetus to be yourself, to advocate for yourself and gives you the stability of a rock in your convictions.

"The difference between addiction and dependency is really quite simple. A drug-dependent person has improved function with their use of the drug while the drug-addicted person does not.

An addict uses a drug compulsively, despite the fact that it causes harm — the key component of addiction. Most smokers know cigarettes are damaging to their health. Most want to quit, but can’t overcome the cravings to the drug (nicotine).

Dependence is a physical state that occurs when the lack of a drug causes the body to have a reaction. A good example is a heavy coffee drinker. If one is used to drinking several cups of coffee each day, they soon learn about physical dependence when they suddenly miss a day or two. This does not mean they are addicted to the caffeine; it only means the body is surprised not to see what it has come to expect.

As any diabetic will testify about insulin, or any heart patient will testify about blood pressure medication, dependence is not necessarily indicative of addiction. In fact, regular use of these medications is essential for good health. Addiction and physical dependence often can occur together. But you can have addiction without physical dependence, and physical dependence without addiction."

Here is the link:

I will never again allow anyone to tell me I'm a drug addict. No one will ever get away with that without hearing quite a bit about it from me. If I have to let loose my anger on someone for opening their fool mouths, then so be it. I can't help what people think, but I can control how people treat me and I should be treated with the same respect and dignity as anyone else.

Would someone tell a diabetic that they're a drug addict because they have to shoot up with insulin four times a day? Would they say that to a cancer patient who has to have a morphine IV or has to get those injections several times a day to ease their pain? I've never heard of anyone ragging on those patients for having to take powerful medications. So, I don't have to put up with it either. Migraine is a real disease and it's been proven scientifically that there are three specific genes that affect migraines. That should be good enough for anyone to change how they behave toward migraneurs. Here's the link for that information, too:


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Drug addiction is the obsessive dependence on a legal or illegal drug. Drugs can include prescription medications, illegal drugs, and alcohol. While an addict may use more than one drug, he usually has a “drug of choice” -- his strongest addiction to break.

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