Friday, May 27, 2005

Crying, Crying, Crying

Know what I dislike most about Fioricet? It makes me so weepy. Ugh! I've never been a super emotional person, being left brained and all that, but now, I cry at the drop of a hat. It's so embarrassing. Well, here's why I'm crying today:

So, I called the dentist's office that was going to work on my teeth (if you remember, they're about two hours away), and thank God I did, because they had cancelled my appointment and, of course, didn't call to let me know. Jerks! The dentist said that he didn't want to do the work because of my chronic migraines. I started bawling, because my tooth is killing me!

They referred me to the Uni of Fresno, which is a 4 hour drive away. It's a teaching hospital. So, I called Dr. J's office at the Uni and he was really nice, actually. He thought it was pretty lame that that dentist wouldn't do the extractions (I mean, come on, how hard is it?). But, I think this is going to turn into a blessing in disguise That doesn't mean there's a silver lining on every cloud, so don't get any big ideas. I'm still a cynic.

When I get scheduled and go in for the appointment I'll be going through the ER dept, just in case of complications. I can, if my gp agrees to it, get the narc shots before I go, so that I can sleep and have a more comfortable drive on the way there. Thank you Jesus! I'll probably even sleep through my wait in the ER, I hope!

Once I'm there, they'll knock me out and give me a drug that will keep me from remembering a thing. Afterward, once they wake me up, I might be able to get another narc shot to get me home.

Now, if I can just deal with the pain until then... Don't ya just hate dental stuff? I have a total phobia about going to the dentist's office. I think it's because I had a really bad experience when I was in my early twenties. Didn't have any dental problems my whole life, until I had my daughter. The stinker just sucked up all my calcium! lol Now, I'm positive that the problems I have with my teeth, (they actually break off in little pieces all the time), is because of all the medication that I have to take. It makes my teeth brittle. Just another lovely side effect and another problem I can attribute to Migraines.

Can you see how having this disease affects every single area of our lives and every part of our bodies? I'm beginning to believe that it's the worst disease on earth, honestly. Cancer can be cured or you die from it. AIDS, same thing. Alzheimers, you just don't know what's going on and it's not painful. Just think of any disease or impairment you know about and can they really compare to the daily torture that migraneurs go through? We don't have a cure. We won't die from it, unless we blow our brains out. There's very little help for the pain. We don't have ANY attention from lobbyists or even the medical community, therefore no funding to find answers. What a bitch.


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