Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Some people think that you should never get angry. Others think that getting angry is mean and isn't "nice". Those people are wrong. We have all of our emotions for a reason, even anger.

Anger is a very motivational emotion. Without it, change would not be effected. Without it, we would stagnate. Anger gives us the impetus to make a move, to cause change, to make a difference.

When the attacks occurred on 9/11 the first thing we all felt was deep shock. Then we grieved. Then we got angry. It was a righteous indignation at the injustice and insidiousness of those actions. Look at how that anger motivated us to affect changes in the world. Because of anger, a country that was once under the hammer of tyrany, is now free to vote their conscience.

Throughout history, anger has affected more change than any other emotion could, because it gives impetous to other emotions, to reason and to will. Because of anger, the civil rights movement was birthed. Because of anger, the people of India were freed from under the thumb of British domination. Because of anger, South Africa shed the dead weight of Apartheid. Anger is a useful tool when used correctly.

Why is it good to get angry? When you get angry about something that's happened to you, you tend to want to change that situation. If you didn't get angry, then things just stay the same, the status quo. Instead, releasing that anger motivates you to change directions, change your attitudes, and fight for the freedom to make choices. It also protects you from being used, abused or neglected.

Migraneurs have to get angry. We have a nice term for it, "advocacy", but it's anger just the same. When you're at the doctor's office and he's telling you to just put ice on your head and take a couple aspirin for your migraine, you have to get angry and tell him to stick it where the sun don't shine. It also compels you to look for another doctor and another form of treatment. One that works.

Even Jesus got angry. He was angry when a bunch of merchants were cheating people out of their money in order that they could make their sacrifices in the temple. Alot of Christians think that Jesus was mad because they were selling stuff in church and making money. But, really, there was a practical reason for sacrificial lambs and birds, etc. to be sold at the temple, and that was because people would come from far and wide and it was impractical to bring animals that far. Kind of like putting a sheep in your wallet and trying to stick it in your back pocket. Doesn't work.

No, the reason Jesus got angry was because of over charging. Haven't we all been there? Don't you get angry when you get home from the grocery store and find that they've overcharged you? It's a real pain in the neck.

And, he even let off the steam. He didn't "nicely" ask the merchants to please lower their prices to a reasonable amount and stop cheating the good people who just wanted to worship at the temple. Man, he got out the whip and kicked ass!

It's good to holler at someone who's cheating you, abusing you, neglecting you, or just plain being an asshole. It let's out steam and empowers you. Without empowerment and self-esteem, you can't change anything.

You can even get angry at God. He's a big guy and He can take it. And He understands. He'll forgive you. Albeit, that anger is often misplaced, but when you've got no one else you can blame for your condition and nowhere else that you can put your anger, just give it to God and let him handle it from there. At least you've got it out of your system and now you're able to think clearly enough to make responsible decisions and change your attitude or whatever needs to be done.

Anger is a very powerful emotion and we shouldn't be afraid of it. Most of us aren't serial killers or murderers and if you are afraid that you'd actually kill someone that you're angry at, just stay out of the kitchen and away from the knives when you get mad.


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